Inter will maintain the 2005/06 Scudetto as the Council of State declared itself incompetent to rule over the matter, thus rejecting Juve’s appeal.

Even though 17 years have passed since the initial trial, the legal procedure concerning the Calciopoli case continues to drag in Italian courtrooms.

As we all know, the case erupted in the summer of 2006, with Juventus, along with other Italian clubs accused of sharing special relationships with referees and subsequently influencing the outcome on the pitch.

The Bianconeri were stripped of the last two Scudetto titles and relegated to Serie B with a heavy fine and a point deduction. This was the outcome of a notoriously swift trial that hardly allowed the club to defend itself.

The sporting justice also awarded Inter the 2005/06 Scudetto title in a rather controversial manner.

This decision became even more enraging for Juventus fans in 2011 when new wiretaps emerged, suggesting a special bond between former Inter president Giacinto Facchetti and the referee designator.

Yet, the trial could not be re-opened due to a statute of limitations, since just over five years had passed since the initial trial.

So as Tuttosport explains, Juventus have been bouncing from one court to another, but every judicial body thus far has announced itself incompetent to rule over the matter, with the last being the State of Council.

Therefore, this could be the end of the road for the Bianconeri’s doomed attempt to seek justice.

Moreover, Inter can still legally claim the 2005/06 Scudetto title, despite finishing third on the pitch.