Kaio Jorge made a triumphant return after a lengthy spell of injury during an intra-friendly game at Juventus, sparking discussions about his future at the club.

As a young and promising player within the ranks, Kaio Jorge has garnered attention, particularly from Juventus’ head coach Max Allegri, who holds a favourable view of him.

However, Juventus is currently prioritising a return to a winning trajectory and is emphasising the utilisation of more experienced players. This shift in focus could potentially limit Jorge’s playing time, raising questions about his immediate prospects at the club.

In light of this situation, there have been suggestions that Jorge might be considered for a loan move. Juventus is faced with the task of deciding what path to take with the young Brazilian player, and it’s a decision that Jorge is aware of.

Speaking about the situation, he said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

“I would like to play here, for Juve. But this doesn’t just depend on me: I have to talk to the management and the coach to understand what would be best for me, whether to go on loan to play a little more or stay to learn still. I still have to wait”

Juve FC Says

Jorge showed his talents and capabilities in that last game and he is a player who will do well for us.

However, because he is just returning from an injury, he may not get the chances he needs to find momentum, so it is a good idea to allow him to leave on loan.