Former Inter Milan star Karl Heinz Rummenigge has spoken about the European Super League and suggests Andrea Agnelli is not as intelligent as he thought.

The Juventus supremo is one of the club presidents who continue to support the Super League and has refused to back down on the idea.

After losing his prestigious positions in the ECA and UEFA, he must succeed with this, or it will be hard for him to be respected in football again.

The protagonists of the idea have hired a new firm to help them develop it and make it acceptable to the general public.

It could take a long time before they come close to success again, but Rummenigge doesn’t think it is a solution to football’s problems and says Agnelli contributed to destroying the sport after all.

He said via Tuttojuve:

“The Champions League remains the most loved competition. I didn’t understand why someone like Andrea Agnelli , who always gave me the impression of being intelligent, acted like this. I read that football is sick, but thanks to whom? Thanks to him too.”

Juve FC Says

Agnelli believes so much in the Super League, which is why he has continued to support the idea.

We expect it to succeed in the future and break UEFA’s monopoly on European football.

However, it will take a long time and we have many current problems to worry about as we struggle on and off the field.