Bayern Munich president, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge says he wants to understand the decision-making process of Andrea Agnelli after he led Juventus to join the European Super League, but the Juve man isn’t taking calls.

The Bianconeri is one of many teams looking to break away from the Champions League by forming the new competition.

They and 11 other European teams including six from England have abandoned their loyalty to UEFA to form the new competition.

They would have more control over the money in the competition and believe they can make more money than what they are getting from the UCL right now.

Bayern is one of the top European sides who aren’t in the new competition and they have no intention of joining it.

With so much outrage and uncertainty going around, Rummenigge has refused to be critical of Agnelli and says he wants to hear from him first.

However, he also admits that he has been trying to reach the Juventus patron, but he wouldn’t take calls.

He told Corriere della Sera via Calciomercato: “I wanted to talk to Agnelli but I couldn’t find him on the phone. I don’t know his motives and I don’t want to criticize him without knowing them. Maybe there is a reason I don’t know. “