After the closure of a largely disappointing campaign, Juventus are now planning on adding a host of new players to the squad.

But before deciding the arrivals, the Bianconeri must also make decisions regarding the future of the players who currently serve at Max Allegri’s court.

As we all know by now, the goalkeepers’ department will most likely remain intact, so in the first instalment we’ll take a closer look at the center back department which has just suffered the loss of the legendary Giorgio Chiellini.

So what happens with the departing captain’s former teammates? Here’s our take on the situation.

Leonardo Bonucci

We begin with the last of the old guard. The veteran defender will arguably be the most affected person from the exit of his longtime partner in crime.

Nevertheless, Bonucci now has a major task at hand, as he’ll have to finally step up to become the ultimate leader at the club.

Despite his questionable physical condition, Juventus can’t afford to lose another old stalwart at the back in the same summer.

Verdict: Stays.

Daniele Rugani

The Bianconeri bought the Italian defender back in 2014, and after spending six campaigns in Turin, perhaps it’s time to admit that the 27-year-old’s big splash might never come – at least not at this club.

Nonetheless, the former Empoli man is still young enough to make a name for himself elsewhere, and this might be the perfect time for the Old Lady to sell him for the highest bidder.

Since his contract expires in 2024, the Bianconeri can still earn some cash out of his sale.

Verdict: Sell or exchange.

Matthijs de Ligt

In a perfect world, Juventus would be able to keep Matthijs de Ligt for years to come while he slowly establishes himself as a symbol of the club.

But unfortunately for us, they don’t always come like Chiellini, and it seems that the Dutchman is destined to leave Turin at some point in the next few years.

While the management should try to convince him to dwell for as long as possible, a contract renewal remains a must. Otherwise, we run the risk of losing his services for a relatively low fee in 2023, or worse, as a free agent in 2024.

Elsewise, Juventus will have to consider lucrative transfer offers this summer

Verdict: Stays with a new contract.

Federico Gatti

At this point, Federico Gatti is the wild card in the whole equation. Yes, he proved himself to be one of the finest defenders in Serie B with Frosinone and has a feel-good backstory that comes along with him. Yet, we simply don’t know how good he really is.

But at the age of 23, it’s time to find out if he can swim with sharks. With Rugani potentially leaving, there should enough space for the incomer to prove his worth for the his new employers

Verdict: Stays.