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Keep or sell: Juventus fullbacks edition – (Opinion)

June 1, 2022 - 3:00 pm

After examining the center back department in the first instalment, it’s now time to take a closer look at the Bianconeri’s fullbacks and offer our assessment on the status of each of them.

In addition to Juan Cuadrado – who automatically renewed his contract for another season – four fullbacks were a part of Max Allegri’s first team during the 2021/22 campaign.

So which ones should Federico Cherubini and company maintain, and which ones should be given their marching orders?


After cementing himself as one of the most reliable performers at the back, Danilo is now a bona fide leader in the dressing room and one of Allegri’s most trusted defenders.

Perhaps he’s not your most exciting right-back, but thanks to his solidity and versatility, the Brazilian is a player that every manager wishes to have among his ranks.

Verdict: Stays

Mattia De Sciglio

Even though the season has ended, Mattia De Sciglio’s future remains up in the air. The Italian’s contract is expiring in the coming weeks, but many believe that the two parties will find an agreement to prolong their collaboration.

The former Milan man might not be a top class fullback, but he can deliver decent shifts on either flank, rendering him a useful squad player.

Verdict: Renews with a pay-cut

Alex Sandro

Unfortunately for Alex Sandro, his best days appear to be well behind him, as his performances have been gradually regressing in the past few campaigns.

Ideally, Juventus would do well to offload him in order to make room for a younger replacement, but his hefty wages will probably drive all suitors away, so the Bianconeri could be stuck with him until his contract expires in 2023.

Verdict: Sell if possible

Luca Pellegrini

Despite not playing regularly, Luca Pellegrini displayed some encouraging signs during his first campaign in Turin. At the age of 23, the Italian could still blossom into a reputable left-back.

But unfortunately for the former Roma man, Sandro’s complex situation (explained above) could prompt the management to sacrifice him in order to create space for a newcomer.

Verdict: Stays, unless Juve fails to sell Sandro

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    martinn June 1, 2022 at 3:41 pm

    fair enough, but i REALLY want to see the back of Sandro!