Carlos Ruiz was Kenan Yildiz’s agent when he signed his current Juventus contract, but a few months later, the youngster has sidelined him.

His parents now handle his affairs and are likely to negotiate his next contract with the Bianconeri.

Juventus already plans to hold contract talks with the youngster imminently, and they will have to deal with a new representative from his entourage.

However, Ruiz is unhappy with the way the youngster ended their relationship, and a court case could be filed to settle the dispute.

A report on Calciomercato reveals that his ex-agent is now serious about taking legal action against the youngster for how he ended their relationship.

Ruiz believes it was not done properly and wants to seek compensation in court.

Juve FC Says

Yildiz has the power to decide who manages his career and represents him, and we expect him to have properly sacked his former agent.

Even if that was not the case, they should find some agreement soon and that is not a big deal for us as a club.

The youngster is at the Euros, and we hope he does well and returns to Turin as a much better player.