Khabib claims Ronaldo admitted to being ‘bored’ at Juventus

September 8, 2021 - 5:39 pm

UFC star Khabib Nurmagomedov claims that Cristiano Ronaldo admitted to being bored at Juventus, before leaving to join Manchester United this summer.

The Old Lady offloaded the superstar after he made his intentions clear on wanting to leave the club, and is now awaiting his second debut for the Red Devils.

CR7 is claimed to have admitted to his friend Khabib that he left Turin because he was ‘bored’ however, before moving on to criticise Serie A, claiming it is inferior to the Premier League.

“I don’t want to disclose any personal messages… Ronaldo said he was bored in Italy and wanted to go back to England,” the UFC star told Sport24(via the DailyStar).

“I’m also not a fan of Italian football, [but the English Premier League I won’t switch over. Any team there can put on a show.”

Juve will be keen to move on however, and can now move on from the circus that followed Cristiano, but the above could explain why his consistency went missing at times during the previous campaign, not that he didn’t contribute an enormous amount of goals.

Was Ronaldo’s boredom for all to see on the pitch? Should we have offloaded the Portuguese sooner or was this summer about right?


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  • Avatar
    martinn September 8, 2021 at 6:50 pm

    shouldn`t have signed him at all, should have got rid as soon as the goal difference went down. a massive error from those in charge, and ronno can do one and so can khebab! good riddance to the crim. the headless chicken league is for those with low imagination and intelligence.

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    adam othman September 9, 2021 at 2:23 am

    marotta didnt want to sign ronaldo he knew it was more a hinderance than a blessing. Paratici pushed for him and in the end got marotta fired. and now look at us. Prior to ronaldo we had a full squad with options everwhere and our management was top tier. Now its scattered. The team was torn apart by subsequent managers to follow and our best manager off the pitch is now at our biggest rivals. Cr7 was rly a curse disguised as a blessing. Yes he was excellent for the club no doubt but juve scored more goals per season prior to cr7s arrival at the club. He killed us. and they can say what they want italian football but you cannot deny its difficulty. Anyone whos played in italy knows its the hardest league to compete in. Cr7 learned this the hard way. What he claims is boredom we know was fatigue. No other league could tire cr7 out like the serie a.