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Khedira: ‘Max Allegri is a super intelligent coach’

September 13, 2018 - 10:48 am

Sami Khedira calls Max Allegri a ‘smart guy, super intelligent, tactically very good’ while explaining his reasons for choosing to renew with Juventus.

The German midfielder penned an extension to his current deal, tying him to the club until at least 2021 – Speaking to, he expressed his happiness at staying with the club.


“It’s an important day and also a super happy day for me, I’ve signed a new contract with Juventus so it’s an amazing day for me.

“I thought for a long time after leaving Real Madrid it was not easy to find a club where I could find a new challenge and I found Juventus and I’m super happy. It’s my fourth year and I would like to stay for many more years so that’s why I signed this contract. You just have to go out onto the street or into the stadium to know what it means to wear this shirt, it’s something special, you have to fight for it and you have to wear it with a big honour and I do that, that’s why I’m super happy that we found an agreement for another few years so that I can stay here at Juventus.

“Juventus means big history and Juventus also means to be a champion, always to be the best and to be proud to play for this club because it’s the best club in Italy and I hope soon also the best club in Europe.”



“In the last four years Juventus lost twice in the Champions League final so if you are getting into the final twice in four years then you already have a strong team, but to win it you need something special. I hope we can do that with Cristiano, although it’s not only him and it’s not a guarantee that you will win the Champions League, but he’s something special and he’s also the spirit and the motivation to reach this high level. I hope that if we work really hard that hopefully this year we can the Champions League, because it’s always hard to win the Scudetto and also the Coppa, it’s not easy and for sure we would like to win it again and again and again but also the big international trophy. I know that the players, the club and especially the fans are dreaming of that and we have to work on our dream.

“For me the most important thing is to have the confidence of the coach and of my teammates this is the most important. I try to show also to the fans that I’m proud to play for this club and I fight on the pitch and I would like to win every single game and to perform well, this is the most important so I’m happy that I have a great coach like Allegri and these great teammates, this helps me a lot.

“For me he is one of the most intelligent guys that I’ve met in football and maybe in the media he seems like not one of the best coaches but for me he is one of the best coaches otherwise you cannot win the Scudetto four times in a row and also the Coppa Italia four times in a row and reach the Champions League final twice. He is also a smart guy, super intelligent, tactically very good and he knows how to communicate with the players, he has a good balance between hard work but then he also knows when he has to be more kind and friendlier to the players, he has a good mix and I really like it.”



“I think there is no secret there is just two words and that is ‘hard work’, this is the only thing. Even if you get criticised from experts or from other people you have to continue in your way and you have to trust in yourself, and every single day you have to give your best and also find a way to getting better every day, even if you are getting older you have to work harder and to take care of your private life and I think that this is most important. I like to win and to be a champion and that’s why it’s easy to work and this is why I would like to continue with Juventus.”

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