Sami Khedira says he is happy in Turin and there’s no reason to change teams while Andrea Pirlo is the one player he wishes he got to play alongside.

The Juventus midfield was tipped to leave the club in the summer but in an interview on Instagram, he insists he has no desire to leave the Bianconeri.

“I have a contract until 2021 and I feel very good in Italy and at Juventus,” he began, “I have found a very strong team, with great hunger to win many titles. Now I have greater confidence in my body and I want to win many titles with Juventus.

“I don’t have any reason to change teams and to accept another challenge. I am very, very happy at Juventus, and I am happy in Italy. ”

What means more: Winning the World Cup or the Champions League?

“It’s a very difficult question. The World Cup is something special. It’s a 4-year period in which you fight for your country for the title. You don’t have many chances in your career, the best players in the world compete. There’s a special spirit, especially in the World Cup in Brazil, when we returned to Germany it was extraordinary.

“Seeing your countrymen celebrate makes you proud and in Berlin we saw millions of people.

“For months and years people are grateful to you. For this reason, it is the best victory, the best career title. ”

Which retired midfielder would he have liked to play with?

“Another very difficult question, but if I had the opportunity to choose one, it would be Andrea Pirlo, because he is a great player and a great person.

“The way he plays, so easy and he seems to be just enjoying the game. He provided a lot of assists, I think with him by my side, I would have scored many more goals in my career.

“Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to play with him – If I had to choose for a wish, it would be Pirlo.”