Sami Khedira offers his opinion on the introduction of Video Assistant Referee’s, calling it the “death of football.”

VAR was introduced to Serie A this season and so far, the results and opinions have been mixed and varied.

“VAR is a good thing, but not the way it has been implemented. It needs better regulations,” Khedira told reporters in Germany.

“Its application in the Bundesliga has been disastrous. Football is about emotions and mistakes are part of the sport. If we can avoid errors, that’s better, but now players don’t know whether to celebrate a goal or not, as they’re waiting for the verdict.

“This way, you lose a lot of the passion. If we regulate a clear use of VAR, then that’s ok, but when you stop a game for three minutes with the players standing there doing nothing, that is the death of football.”

On the flip side of the debate, Gigi Buffon professed to wanting VAR to be used in the upcoming World Cup qualifiers between Sweden and Italy.

“This introduction process of VAR is unusual, as it is being used well in Italy now, I feel, and in international matches of this level we cannot rely on the technology that could well be decisive, because there is so much at stake. That I find rather strange.”

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