Juventus is currently strategising on personnel changes during this transfer window with the objective of reclaiming the league championship title.

In the context of an open transfer window, every player’s position within the squad becomes uncertain, leading to a multitude of variables to consider.

Despite the apparent stability in the left-wing position, the Bianconeri are contemplating alterations. Filip Kostic’s commendable performance in this role during his inaugural season with the club, along with Samuel Iling-Junior’s proficient backup as a left wing-back, seemed to have secured this position.

Nonetheless, Juventus could find themselves compelled to part ways with one of these players. A report from Tuttomercatoweb suggests that the preference leans towards selling Kostic.

According to this report, Cristiano Giuntoli, envisioning Samuel Iling-Junior as the future for that specific role at the club, seems more inclined to retain the English talent while offloading the Serbian player.

Juve FC Says

Iling-Junior is an exciting talent whose potential is unlimited, while Kostic is already closer to the end of his time as a footballer.

Both players will do well for us, but for long-term reasons, Giuntoli is right to bet on Iling-Junior as he has so much more to offer.

However, if we can keep both in the squad, that would be the best scenario.