Ahead of next weekend’s battle between Juventus and Lazio, Darko Kovacevic compared the strength of his two former clubs.

The Serbian signed for the Bianconeri in 1999 and spent two years in Turin. In 2001, he joined the capital side for a brief stint.

The 49-year-old believes Max Allegri possesses the superior squad, especially when his best stars are all available.

“I wouldn’t put Lazio and Juve on the same level, at least in terms of personnel,” said the retired striker in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport via ilBianconero.

“Let’s not deny the facts. Without injuries, the Bianconeri can compete for the Scudetto.”

Kovacevic also discussed the attacking partnership between his compatriot Dusan Vlahovic and Federico Chiesa.

“They have known each other since their days in Florence, there is an understanding and I like them as a duo.

“With the current Juve squad, you can also play a three-man attack. The important thing is to have top-notch talent available. Where they play on the pitch matters less.”

“Dusan was able to work well in preparation, while in 2022, his groin pain derailed him from the start.

“And then, having Chiesa nearby helps a center forward. His runs create havoc, and so, Vlahovic can become more dangerous in the penalty box.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if he finishes the season with 25 goals. Dusan is much better than me with the ball at his feet.”

Kovacevic also touched on the subject of his other compatriot, Filip Kostic, who hasn’t enjoyed the best start of the season.

“Juve have quality in their squad. So Allegri is bound to make other choices at times. But Kostic is a hard worker, he’s not the type to throw himself down.

“I’m sure he’ll give the team a big hand as he did last year. How many players in Europe have his crossing accuracy?”

Finally, the former bomber identified Samuel Iling-Junior as the most impressive Juventus youngster.

“I like Miretti, but there is one youngster who is just on another level compared to the others: Iling-Junior.

“You can notice his presence right away. he has the ability to open up the match with his physicality and quick feet.

“He was born in 2003. So what? Yamal was born and 2007 and plays for Barcelona.”