Juventus could be set to encounter more turmoil as La Liga now wants their financial dealings to be probed by UEFA.

The Bianconeri saw their board resign yesterday after being investigated for false accounting.

That resignation stunned their fanbase, who did not believe things had gotten that far, and now they could be set for even more woes.

Juve has recorded financial losses for the last few seasons, yet they still manage to sign players for huge fees, and some other clubs in Serie A cannot survive with the debts they have.

La Liga now believes they must have broken Financial Fair Play rule and wants them to be investigated by UEFA.

A statement via Tuttojuve reads:

“La Liga asks for the immediate application of the sports sanctions to the club had already filed an official complaint against Juventus in April 2022 in which it reported violations of the financial fair play regulation on which he was investigating the Italian Guardia di Finanza.”

Juve FC Says

Now that it has become public knowledge that Juventus are in trouble with the Italian authorities, we expect other bodies to target us.

We have been exposed to the populace and more legal wars could come to us now. We must brace ourselves to defend how we have conducted business in the last few seasons.

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