On Thursday we found out that the European Super League is still moving forward now that the tournament’s new format has been revamped. 

The main protagonists are Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona, however, La Liga is not ready to lie down and accept the inevitable and is now taking steps against both Spanish giants, which should serve as a warning to Juve.

Football-Espana is reporting that Javier Tebas, La Liga’s boss is attempting to have Real and Barca removed from any La Liga decision making and that could have a detrimental effect on the clubs, especially if any significant votes were to be taken.

Juve FC Says

This situation is only going to deteriorate and Juventus must be aware of this, the Super League is not going to happen any time soon and that gives the relevant authorities time to act against the clubs involved.

Juve is already in hot water with Serie A and the last thing they will need is to start another fight with them and you can take it to the bank that if La Liga succeeds in isolating Real and Barca then Serie A will move against Juventus.

It may be time for the new board to have a rethink about its position and involvement in the Super League going forward.