Lapo Elkann has launched a scathing criticism against Evelina Christillin, a Juventus fan and UEFA executive, in a surprising verbal attack.

Despite her outspoken nature on various matters concerning the club, Christillin has found herself powerless to aid Juventus in their ongoing struggles against UEFA and FIGC.

Juventus has recently been hit with a ten-point deduction in the league for their involvement in capital gains, and they could face further sanctions from UEFA, potentially including a one-season ban from European competitions.

These circumstances have put the club in a difficult position, leading some fans to direct their frustration towards Christillin, criticizing her for not providing support during this challenging period for the team.

The outspoken Lapo also joined the debate and commented via Calciomercato:

“She’s grotesque to me she’s soulless and without dignity she’s SHAMEFUL a POOR WOMAN SOCIAL CLIMBER “. 

Juve FC Says

Christillin might be a Juve fan, but she is a UEFA official and this must be a very tough time for her personally.

We do not have to attack her because we have no idea what limits are in her role and she probably cannot help us in any way.

The club has the resources and leadership to fight its battle and we do not need special help from anyone to succeed.