Lapo Elkann has responded to critics who have been questioning him over Juventus’ struggles under Andrea Agnelli.

The Bianconeri are struggling with some legal battles months after Agnelli and his board of directors resigned.

The club has a new leadership group, but as it struggles off-field, some fans are blaming Agnelli for its predicaments.

Unlike John Elkann, Lapo is not so involved in the family running of Juventus, but he has also been targeted by some frustrated fans.

He finally broke his silence and said via Calciomercato:

“I don’t deal with Juventus, I don’t have managerial roles, nor am I on the board. With union and compactness we will WIN as soon as possible. Look at the story, then talk: the future will be rebuilt, I’m sure. The past has passed, we look to the future with determination and optimism. Are we warriors yes or no?”

Adding: “I am Lapo Elkann, not my cousin. With all due respect, write to him and not to me if you have something to say to him. Thanks”.

Juve FC Says

This is a tough time for the Agnelli family as they are now under the spotlight following Juventus’ involvement in what prosecutors believe is illegal.

However, that does not negate that Agnelli’s presidency was one of the best we have had and helped us become a much stronger club.

Every club goes through a crisis and this is not the first one Juve will encounter, so we expect everything to get better with time.