Juventus has won their appeal to get their 15-point deduction suspended temporarily, which has been celebrated as a major win in their camp.

The Bianconeri are now back inside the top four pending the result of an appeal, as the FIGC seems determined to punish them as a warning to others not to use misuse capital gains.

The Black and Whites remain one of the top clubs in European football and have been in the news for the wrong reasons for much of this season.

As they celebrate the success of their appeal, a lawyer has explained what happened. Mattia Grassani tells Football Italia:

“After the Collegio di Garanzia annulled the previous ruling, it is now up to the Federal Court of Appeals, who will have to request a new sanction. In terms of penalty points it would take effect immediately, so at the end of the season Juventus will probably have -x points.

“The other clubs, on the other hand, did not appear at any level of judgement. Perhaps now the participation of third clubs could also be declared inadmissible because so far no one has appeared.”

Juve FC Says

We have enjoyed a small win off the field and should celebrate it while working hard to earn more points.

It would be much easier for our players to win more games from this position now and we expect them to do exactly that.