Fans and pundits have wondered why only Juventus has been punished in the capital gains case when it clearly takes two to tango.

The Bianconeri remain one of the top sides in European football but were involved in the use of capital gains in the last few seasons.

Investigators worked on the case and punished them with a 15-point deduction, but none of the clubs they did business with were punished.

After the reasons for the deductions were made public, Juve will appeal, but a lawyer has explained why they were punished alone.

Eduardo Chiacchio, who defends Novara in the capital gains case, said via Calciomercato:

“If the regulation does not change, it will be difficult to see other convictions like this. No sentence is unassailable, but it is convincing to overcome the exception of late life. The Collegio del Coni will not go into the merits”.

Adding: “According to the Court, wiretapping, manuscripts, the ‘Black Book’, the documentation acquired by the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office, do not directly involve the other companies. But only in return. Therefore, there is no evidence of their responsibility”.

Juve FC Says

It is hard to understand why we are being punished alone, even after listening to Chiacchio and we hope we will succeed on appeal.

But our players must improve their performances and play as if we will never recover the points.

If we keep playing how we are doing now, we will struggle with a relegation battle soon.