Juventus is appealing the decision to deduct 15 points from them as a punishment for their use of capital gains.

The black and whites have been handed the punishment alone, even though capital gains should involve other clubs.

Juve insists it is innocent and has decided to appeal, but the case is tricky and it does not seem the club has a very good chance of getting the points overturned.

As the players work hard on the pitch to ensure the team finishes in a good spot regardless, the board is working hard to win the case against the authorities.

Tuttojuve has now interviewed renowned lawyer Mattia Grassani on his views about the punishment.

He says: “The sentence of the Federal Court of Appeal to the outcome of the revocation judgment is a full-bodied sentence, drawn up by the best jurists of the Figc and in my opinion macroscopic errors are not glimpsed. 

“What is certain is that the Coni Guarantee Board proceeds on formal aspects of legitimacy: if it were to go back it would ask to remedy the errors and indicate a downward range of the sentence. 

“So on the skin, reading it several times, it is a sentence that has its foundation, even if there should be an annulment with postponement there may be a reduction in the penalty points, but not the cancellation in and of itself.”

Juve FC Says

Getting all the points overturned will not be easy, but we have to try to clear our name.

The Prisma investigation could also hand us even more punishment and the success of our appeal could affect the outcome of that probe as well.