Juventus has been implicated in a capital gains case, but a lawyer says it will be hard to prove them guilty.

The Bianconeri have been in several legal battles recently and the current one forced their former president and board of directors to resign.

The decision to quit can be considered a sign they know they have done something wrong and have to leave.

The Bianconeri have maintained their innocence in the capital gains case and some fans believe the club will not be in any serious trouble.

Lawyer, Carlo Rombolà, has now revealed the Bianconeri truly might not be proven guilty because it is hard to prove someone did anything wrong in a capital gains case.

He says via Tuttomercatoweb:

“Article 31 of the sports justice code speaks of penalty points for those who falsify accounting or administrative documents. Should this story be resolved with the discovery of more serious conduct, different scenarios would open. 

“At this moment, however, we know so little that making predictions, even catastrophic ones seems out of place to me. For capital gains for the Prosecutor’s Office, it will be difficult to confirm that an operation is illegitimate.”

Juve FC Says

We trust our leaders until proven otherwise and they have maintained they are innocent of whatever they are being accused of.

The truth will eventually come out and we hope it will not implicate anyone who has worked with us before.

For now, we need to focus on the work on the field with the players expected back to training not so far from now.