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Lazio devastate Juventus with equalising goal at the death

November 8, 2020 - 1:40 pm

Lazio have punished Juventus in the dying moments of the game by scoring an equaliser deep into injury time.

Both teams started the match with confidence, working the ball around nicely, but the two defences looked well up for the task in hand.

Our side was sitting off Lazio and allowing them to come at us, and that decision allowed us to hit them on the counter, and it was working.

Despite having less of the ball, it was our attack which had the most clear-cut chances in the opening half, and it was no shock to see us go into the lead.

Cristiano Ronaldo was the man to be found in the box after Juan Cuadrado got past his man in the box to get in a devastating cross, which the Portuguese was able to put away.

Just before the break, Ronaldo nearly put us two ahead, as he strikes the ball off the bar after his two teammates’ runs opened up some space for the shot.

Little changed going into the second-half, with the Old Lady continuing to allow I Biancocelesti to come forwards, but our chances were drying up somewhat.

Lazio continued to push for that equalising goal, but were growing frustrated with their inability to challenge Wojciech Szczesny in goal.

Cristiano Ronaldo limped out of the match after 75 minutes, with Paulo Dybala coming on to replace him, and you can be forgiven for seeing this as a pivotal point in the match.

The hosts finally made their breakthrough in the 95th minute when Felipe Caicedo received the ball with his back to goal, only to swivel and get his shot away.

I can’t begin to tell you how frustrating it is to see the result snatched from us in the dying seconds, and with us having to worry about superstar Ronaldo, but with the international break ahead you would hope that he would be able to overcome any issues in time.

Does today’s draw leave Juventus with a mountain to climb to win our tenth consecutive scudetto?


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    Shachin Chand November 8, 2020 at 8:51 pm

    The only problem with Pirlo’s coaching is that his not making his team play like the giants they are. Tell me when was the last time we saw Juve dominate over dominate and dominate a big team, let me guess it feels it was ages ago during Allergi’s time, isnt it?
    Pirlo has done good work so far with change in tactics every time and they are all based on the opponents they face but these tactics don’t look much like a counter tactics to defeat their opponent. Everyday it feels like Pirlo is doing favors by letting Dybala play when he is clearly out of form and doesn’t needs to come on to play in big games until he finds his rythm…Ronaldo was surprised when he got subbed…does this means that Pirlo couldn’t reject Dybala by saying no.
    Pirlo has to make the team play aggressive football, where they get possession and start attempting on goal and creating chances for Ronaldo or Morata rather than just playing passing game. the moment we lose ball we should be putting aggressive pressure to take it back and the only person in the whole Juve squad I see doing this is Mckennie and no one else.
    Juve when they play with big teams they look so small and they all just depend on Ronaldo to do a magic…how the hack is he going to do something when the teams are not picking up his run, the midfield is doing way too great compared to what we had before but we still don’t see any magic happen in the middle. we still don’t see someone creating a wonderful assist for Ronaldo.
    Juve needs to be dominant and more aggressive rather than seat back and relax in a 1-0 win situation….they should be targeting to win every game by 3 or 4-nil in every game no matter how big the opponent is only then its a job well done. And just use Ronaldo properly for God sake man, we dont see more crosses coming in and neither do we see anyone picking up his run…just lift your head and play the ball that’s all you need to do…feed the beast and the beast will feed the team with victory.