Investigators have been releasing details into their work on Juventus and their capital gains case.

The Bianconeri are being investigated for several reasons and the prosecutors have done a lot of work on the case, which they are now releasing to the public.

One of the transfers they are targeting is Juve’s move for Manuel Locatelli from Sassuolo last season.

The midfielder shone at Euro 2020, which prompted the Bianconeri to become interested in a move for him, just like many other clubs around the continent.

Their biggest competitor was Arsenal, with Mikel Arteta identifying the Italian as a player that can transform his team.

However, Agnelli spoke with Sassuolo’s Giovanni Carnevali and said via Calciomercato:

“If I sit down and the conditions you give me are exactly what you give Edu of Arsenal that you have never seen in your life, what is the added value of our ten-year relationship? What happened to the eight million you earned in six months with Demiral, who didn’t know who he was? Our decisive support when you took Sensi? The 13 million you took with Lirola?”

Juve FC Says

The exchange between Agnelli and Carnevali has nothing bad in it, considering they are friends. But the investigators seem intent on shaming the Bianconeri former president.

He did not attempt to force Carnevali into making a decision against his own will, which would have been a poor act on his part.

On this evidence, it seems the investigators wasted their time and resources wiretapping phone calls they had no business in.