Juventus has been rocked by the resignation of their board members and president Andrea Agnelli in recent days, but more trouble could be on its way.

Agnelli and the board resigned as prosecutors closed in on a case against the club for false accounting and now more details have emerged about how desperately Juve wanted to cover their tracks.

The Bianconeri problems began when they signed Cristiano Ronaldo, a deal they ideally should not have been able to afford. They had to take in some losses to keep him at the club.

During the early days of covid-19, the Bianconeri announced Ronaldo and other top players forfeited some of their salaries, but in reality, the attacker instead was paid outside their budget.

Football Italia reveals in an intercepted phone call between Juventus lawyer Cesare Gabasio and general manager Federico Cherubini they admitted they would be in trouble if authorities find the secret Ronaldo document.

Gabasio said: “Ronaldo’s secret deal shouldn’t have been revealed because if it is, they’ll jump down our throats, all over the auditors and everything. And then we need to make a fake transaction.”

Juve FC Says

Ronaldo’s transfer is the genesis of our financial problems, but we cannot blame the club for deciding to buy him.

His star power and commercial appeal were good for us, but he simply did not have the expected positive impact on our finances.

Because of this and the covid-19 pandemic, we have been left to deal with a substantial financial mess even after he left the club.