Although Bayern lost their last Bundesliga fixture prior to the international break, Matthijs de Ligt will hardly regret his transfer to Munich.

That’s because the Dutchman has managed to escape a team in shambles as evidenced by Juve’s results at the beginning of the current campaign.

For his part, the 23-year-old hasn’t been subtle in his remarks towards his former employers. For instance, he mentioned on more than an occasion how the German champions adopt a higher work ethic than the one he witnessed in Turin.

The centre back has now aimed a fresh dig towards Juventus, explaining how he considers his transfer to Bayern as a leap in quality, while questioning the Old Lady’s Champions League ambitions.

“I had a great time at Juventus, but I felt that the time had come for a new challenge,” said the Netherlands international in an interview with NOS via ilBianconero.

“Juve is an excellent team, but for me, joining Bayern was a further leap in quality.

“I believe that Bayern have the squad and the ambition to win the Champions League. At Juve, I felt it less.”

Juve FC say

Ironically, Juventus bought de Ligt in 2019 with the Champions League being the primary objective at the time. But the club’s dire financial situation paired with disappointing results on the pitch forced a change in plan.

The defender may be adding insult to injury with his words, but one can hardly deny their accuracy.