Paul Pogba might stand a chance of receiving a reduced sentence as the midfielder heads to the CAS to appeal his four-year ban for failing a drug test.

Pogba had rejected a plea bargain with the authorities because he was confident that he would not receive a serious punishment after proving his case.

However, that did not work, as he was handed the maximum punishment, which would end his playing career on a sad note.

It is a tricky position for Pogba because his appeal does not automatically mean he will receive a lesser punishment.

A legal expert has now spoken on the complexity of the case and reckons that the midfielder stands a chance at the CAS.

Cesare Di Cintio said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

“The disqualification imposed on Pogba is the one foreseen for these types of violations. The National Anti-Doping Tribunal found the player’s version of the involuntary and unconscious intake of the banned substance not credible. Every trial for doping is difficult, even more so because the accused must demonstrate the lack of intent in taking the same product. 

“Not considering the evidence sufficient, the judges applied the maximum sentence, namely 4 years of disqualification. Compared to the appeal to the CAS of Lausanne, in the past it was more open in evaluating the evidence of the suspects. I think Pogba could have some chances. However, I don’t believe in the gift, but in the superficiality of the player.”

Juve FC Says

Pogba’s situation is a tough one to take, and his second spell with us has simply been a disaster.

The Frenchman will feel he owes us so much, and if he gets a reduced ban, he might have a chance to play for us again.