Juventus has the top-notch players in history and secured the title of Italian football hegemon in the world. Juventus entered the new-fangled 21st century under the leadership of manager Carlo Ancelotti, who was called upon to return the greatest club to the Italian throne and win UEFA Champions League.

Bianconeri had such iconic Juventus players and legends such as Ciro Ferrara, Paolo Montero, Edgar Davids, Antonio Conte, Zinedine Zidane, Filippo Inzaghi, Gianluigi Buffon, and Alessandro Del Piero. In general, the high-caliber team strived to win Champions League and Serie A titles on a regular basis.

Juventus is a European club from the Turin city, the most titled top club in Italy, and one of the greatest clubs in the world. It was founded in 1897 and is one of the oldest clubs in Serie A. In 1999, the Black & Whites won the Intertoto Cup and became the only club in the world to win all UEFA-sponsored tournaments. The massive army of the Old Lady fans numbers over 10 million people around the world. They have a lot of prominent players in the 21st century.

Alessandro Del Piero

The best scorer in history, as well as the record holder for the number of matches played for Juventus, is Alessandro Del Piero. He was a legend, iconic player of the 21st century, captain, and the heart of the Turin city for years.

Pavel Nedved

Pavel Nedved came to Turin from Lazio as an eminent player, for whom the European giants fought, and his cost for 2001 was 38.7 million euros – a whopping great amount at that time. The club wanted to win UEFA Champions League at all costs. They brought the Czech to the greatest team for one mammoth task – to replace Zinedine Zidane in the 21st century, who went to Real. Did Pavel cope with the job? He surpassed it.

Nedved showed a high level of play in Lazio, but in Juventus, the midfielder brought his A+ game. The top midfielder was incredibly diverse for years, he played both on the left flank, and the positions of the central and attacking midfielder. Nedved was considered by many coaches and experts as a definition of the ideal midfielder in his prime in the world.

For the Juve fans, Pavel remained a hero for other reasons. When Juventus was sent to Serie B, he remained in the team, continuing to perform until 2009. He saw a silver lining for the top club and wanted to win a Champions League for the Old Lady. Nedved played 327 matches for the Turin players, scoring 65 goals and winning two championships and two Super Cups. One of the greatest Juventus players in the 21st century.


Zinedine Zidane

Of course, Zinedine Zidane appeared not only in the position of a top attacking midfielder in the world. The Frenchman played the role of the team’s engine from the depths and even significantly helped in the selection often the coaches put him closer to the front line. Many people in different football essays argue about whether the famous midfielder became one of the best football players in history in Real Madrid or Juventus? He became a football phenomenon of the 21st century in Turin. Becoming a ballon d’or winner was his greatest accolade.

Zidane became a world superstar, one of the best Juventus players, and his football intelligence and technical prowess already fascinated teammates and the world press.

Thanks to his incredibly successful top game at the club, he won several personal awards. The ballon d’or winner, three times the best foreign football player in Serie A, three times the best football player in Europe, as well as a galaxy of team trophies – two championships in the Series A, Italian Super Cup, UEFA Super Cup, Intercontinental Cup, and Intertoto Cup. Zidane made 212 appearances for Juve, scoring 31 goals to make it to the Bianconeri’s top-ranked squad in the world club’s history.

Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Pirlo was a no brainer in the new club’s era of the 21st century. Juventus believed in Andrea, offering the older player a deal, and Pirlo didn’t let the fans down.

The famous midfielder experienced his second youth in Juve, becoming a real conductor of the team’s attacks. The football player’s performance exceeded all expectations, and the fans were so impressed that they included the player in the symbolic national team of all time among all Juventus players. For example, in his first season for Juventus Pirlo made 2643 assists per season. Only Xavi managed to get ahead of Andrea in this component.

In his four-year cadence, Maestro has played 164 matches in a Juve shirt, scoring 19 goals and making 35 assists. Pirlo has undoubtedly been a lethal threat, one of the best Juventus players of all time, and a key element in four Serie A triumphs, the Italian Cup, and two Super Cups.


Claudio Marchisio

Claudio Marchisio got a chance to prove himself, having played 25 matches in his debut season for the Juve. The following year, the top midfielder was sent to gain experience in Empoli, but after a season, Marchisio returned, taking his place at the start for years.

Although since 2008, the top midfielder was the most important player in the Juventus, the real dawn of his career came in the cadence of Antonio Conte. Being able to help the team in the attack and destroy the opponents’ attacking actions, Marchisio became an indispensable player in the initial bundle with such Juventus players as Pirlo and Vidal / Pogba, which did a lot for Juventus.

In the 21st century, wearing a Bianconeri shirt, Claudio played in 389 matches, scoring 37 goals, collecting a serious galaxy of trophies. Seven Serie A titles, three Italian Cups, and four Super Cups. Marchisio spent almost his entire career in Juventus, becoming a legend of the club.