Leonardo Bonucci believes Juventus can stop Cristiano Ronaldo in tomorrow’s Champions League semi-final, provided they work as a team.

Speaking to the Juventus Youtube channel, the Italian defender discussed the team’s sober celebrations after winning the Scudetto and their preparations for tomorrow night’s game.

“Winning it is nice anyway, it always makes you happy,” the defender said.

“But it’s right that it should have been celebrated in such a sober fashion, because there’s such an important match awaiting us on Tuesday.

“You don’t reach the Champions League semi-final every day.

“We’ll need a great game in terms of character, courage, attention in defence and cynicism upfront.

“We have confidence and we know we’ll have our chances.

“We have full respect for Real Madrid but at the end of the day what matters is how we walk into the pitch.

“If we go in with courage and a desire to win, then we’ll have a good night at home and that will let us play for something important in Madrid.”

Bonucci was asked how he plans to stop Cristiano Ronaldo.

“By playing as a team, by means of concentration and determination, and by running the extra mile for your teammate.

“That’s the only way to fill the gap that subsists between us and Real Madrid.

“They’re very strong from an individual point of view, while we’re strong as a team.

“Our four Scudetti in a row are not an accident, true, but at the European level the great champions become decisive, and they’ve got several.”