Former Juventus defender Lilian Thuram claims Italy has become more racist as a country under its new government.

The Italian leagues have seen several incidences of racism in the last few seasons and authorities have worked very hard to limit its impact.

Fans have been banned from stadiums and evicted from games to send a message to other racists.

But it is a menace that is hard to curb and Thuram does not think the Italian government is doing enough to eliminate the problem.

He says via Tuttojuve:

“In Europe, many people want to normalise racism. They cannot openly say that they are racist, but they speak of “us” and “them”. I am black and from my point of view Italy is much more racist than before, because there was no such government. If one says that nothing has changed, perhaps it is because it is white.”

Juve FC Says

Incidents of racism are in almost every country of the world and not just in Italy.

However, the government still needs to do more to curb the menace if they want to be seen as trying.

They will never please everyone, but people will know when they are making a good effort to solve the problem and will commend them for the job well done.