Marcello Lippi has praised Dusan Vlahovic for his impact on Juventus since he joined the club in January.

The striker arrived at the Allianz Stadium with a reputation of being one of the best in the world.

He had been scoring goals for fun at Fiorentina, and Juve couldn’t wait until the summer before adding him to their squad.

Vlahovic remains lethal in front of goal even though he hasn’t reached the rate he was netting at La Viola yet.

It is easy to see that his arrival has made Juve a better result-making machine and Lippi has praised his impact.

The 74-year-old tells Reset Sport, as quoted by Tutto Sport: “He improved Juve, he gave a feeling of greater potential for achievement.”

Juve FC Says

With Vlahovic in our team, it is easy to be optimistic and expect the team to do well in the next campaign.

The striker is one of the best players we have signed in recent seasons and he is just at the start of his career.

Because he is just 22 now, we could get up to 10 years of top-level performances from him if he remains at the club.