Former Juventus coach Marcello Lippi believes this seasons Serie A campaign can be completed in the traditional way, if it’s possible to return to the pitch.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus across Europe has led to a halt in fixtures amongst all the big five leagues and resulted in the Champions League and Europa League being postponed.

Numerous players from top Serie A sides have tested positive for the virus and Lippi believes it has to be taken seriously.

“It was sacrosanct to close (the league) here as in China, which they did,” the coach told La Repubblica.

“They made it and we will make it. Did we move too late? At first, the picture changed every ten minutes, we were taken a little by surprise.

“But then there was plenty of time to understand and act: we understood that, simply, we had to change our lives, whether we liked it or not.

“It wasn’t an edifying spectacle and I don’t understand how we can think of playing the European Championships in June or the Olympics in Asia, Japan, between July and August.

“Fortunately UEFA has finally decided to suspend the Cups, and I think it will be the same for the EURO’s as well: let’s play it next year but not now, not at all costs and who knows how, who knows where.

“This will allow us to try to save at least national tournaments, which in my opinion should always be privileged.

“How to complete Serie A? I read about the playoffs, but they don’t convince me, and neither does the idea of ​​assigning the championship now, like this, based on the ranking.

“If in a month, a month and a half the situation will make it possible to return to the pitch, I believe that the championship must be resumed and concluded in the traditional way, otherwise patience. Other solutions seem mortifying to me.”