Fernanrdo Llorente believes Tottenham Hotspur have a good chance against Juventus in the Champions League and recalls how he left Vinovo in tears.

The former Bianconeri striker spoke with Tuttosport ahead of Tuesday night’s Champions League match and was asked if he has spoken with his friends and former teammates Claudio Marchisio and Stephan Lichtsteiner.

“I spoke with them, and I spoke with Giorgione (Chiellini), It will be tough match but we believe.

“I am ready to face Chiellini and also accustomed to getting a few knocks: I trained with him for two years! Giorgio trains the way he plays, he’s super professional. I’d love to have 11 Chiellinis in my team. The Juventus defence is fantastic, so for a striker to score against them always feels like a huge achievement.

“[Max] Allegri is in the fourth year with Juventus but I’m not surprise, Juventus is hard to leave. I came out of Vinovo crying, with tears.

“And what I heard from Trezeguet is true: only when you leave Juventus do you really understand what you had.

“I miss it so much, I would always want to return there. It’s special because, despite being a huge club, inside it’s a family.

“I bought my son a Tottenham shirt with Llorente on the back and on Tuesday, when I’m in Turin for the Champions League, I’ll take advantage of the situation to get him a Juventus one too. Perhaps a Dybala jersey.

“I only managed to spend pre-season training with Paulo, but it was enough to know he has the kind of ability that really catches the eye.

“Who will i swap shirts with at full time? I’ll bring a whole bag just of my jerseys!”

“Harry Kane? It’s difficult because he is one of the best in the world. He scored 56 goals in a calendar year, more than Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. That says it all, right?

“Kane is the complete striker, very good with his back to goal and can find the net out of nowhere. He has a radar in his mind that shows him where the goal is. Harry is also super professional, much like Chiellini. He’s happy here, pays attention to every detail so he can improve. He’s great, but you’ll see he will get even better.

“Having said that, Gonzalo Higuain is on fire and rediscovered his confidence after a complicated start. It’d be better if he waited a little longer before finding form…

“Despite never actually playing together, I am friends with Gonzalo. We met in a restaurant in Madrid after a match and from that moment stayed in contact. When he signed for Juve, he called me for information on Turin and where to get a house.

“Pipita is a killer in front of goal, but you’ll see Dele Alli and Son can have our say. With all these talents, I feel younger too.

“Tottenham is Pochettino. Kane is phenomenal, but he needs his teammates. Our Coach, however, had a decisive role for the growth of the club. Now we are among the big sides and there is a harmonious atmosphere, it feels like a family.

“For example, I’m not playing very much, but I am happy and I have fun here. I am aware that I am second in the pecking order, but I also know that 11 players are not enough to win a title. We need everyone and I work to ensure I am ready when called upon.

“Mauricio is not just a Coach, but also a manager, and his greatest strength is intelligence. If he asks me about Juventus, I’ll be able to tell him a few things, as I know the club and most of the players. Mind you, Pochettino focuses more on our own style than that of our opponents.