Manuel Locatelli has dropped a hint on the shirt number he will wear for Juventus this season after he signed a ball for a fan.

The midfielder has just completed his long-awaited move to Juve from Sassuolo.

The Bianconeri have spent most of this summer trying to secure an agreement with the Green and Blacks and they have finally achieved that in time for him to even feature in their season opener against Udinese this weekend.

One of the most important parts of his registration to play for the club is to choose a shirt number.

The midfielder will find it hard to get a shirt number inside the top ten, but he doesn’t have to and seems to have found a shirt number outside the top 20 at the club.

Tuttomercatoweb reports he might choose number 27 at the club after he wrote it on a ball that he signed for a Bianconeri fan.

The midfielder had been generous enough to apply his signature on the ball of the fan and also left the number as a part of it.

Regardless of the shirt number he chooses, Juve would be keen for him to start strongly.