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Locatelli give his opinion on new teammate Pogba

July 24, 2022 - 11:59 pm

Manuel Locatelli is delighted to be a teammate of Paul Pogba at Juventus and he claims he idolised the Frenchman when the World Cup winner played for the Bianconeri between 2012 and 2016.

Pogba has unfinished business at the club and he has returned to the Allianz Stadium now, hoping to lead Juve back to the glory days.

Locatelli joined the Bianconeri in the last summer transfer window and had an indifferent first campaign at the Allianz Stadium.

Pogba will now support him in Juve’s midfield, and he should perform even better now.

The Euro 2020 winner is delighted at the prospect of sharing the pitch with the World Cup winner and lavished praise on him in a recent interview.

He said, as quoted by Corriere Dello Sport: “I did not know him personally, but it was a positive surprise because he brought so much enthusiasm to the team and the group needed it. For me he is an absolute champion, a pure talent, with incredible physical skills and a lot of quality. 

“I admired him when he played for Juve before, now having him as a teammate is a beautiful thing for me and fills me with pride. 

“Now he needs to relaunch a bit and we are here on purpose to put him in the best possible conditions to repeat himself as in the years before Juve.”

Juve FC Says

Pogba struggled at Manchester United because he didn’t get the support he needed and it is hard for players to thrive without that.

However, at Juve, he will get all the love he needs and we should see a different player in black and white.

Locatelli also didn’t do so well for the club last season. We hope he can do better in this campaign and their combination should make us effective in midfield.

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  • Avatar
    Keveon July 25, 2022 at 1:44 am

    Pogba will take alot of pressure off Locatelli in the midfield, allowing him to create chances more comfortably.

  • Avatar
    Dexter Jack July 25, 2022 at 2:26 am

    Even if the WHOLE of Italy pray, trust me Juve will pay 4 their DOTISHNESS with Dabyla

    • Avatar
      martinn July 25, 2022 at 5:52 am

      well as you`re a dybala fan and not a Juventus one, because you wouldn`t wish ill fortune on your own team that would be silly, why are you upset? he has a club, not getting the dream move to merda he promised behind our backs, not getting the wages he asked for either though, not had barcelona, real, bayern asking for him and news headlines and buzz, no premier league massive interest. so either your boy isn`t as good, his injury history has put people off, his behaviour has, his wages have (likely) or his agent has. which is it? all seem good reasons to let him go, logically. i`m no juventus simp, the fact they`ve kept allegri is disastrous and agnelli`s super league dream is unusable and costing our reputation daily, but they`ve spent enough that players will save his job. a certain group seem to have too much value on the impact of losing your boy right now. and if you are a dybala fan, why aren`t you just happy he`s found a club and you can watch him play? nothing wrong with roma and he`ll fit in nicely and gets along with mourinho and a semi-decent shot at top 4 you never know. plus the Juventus fan base isn`t just the whole of italy, and why would rival italian fans pray for us to do well? not making sense, and neither does this `saint` dybala narrative. no one knows the full story of why he`s gone, but the lack of interest from the big guns speaks volumes about his worth now. and merda aren`t the `mega club` that the heavyweights wouldn`t challenge for him. and the mutual departure was successful for all parties. if dybala obsessives want him to have a toxic fanbase like ronaldo does and create resentment towards a player this is the way to do it. Signing players like Bremer immediately show they know good players and give them what they want. if you`re secretly a merda fan, you need to borrow money to register or afford players lol terribly run club and even var backing wasn`t enough and still second best, if you`re a united fan resentful about Pogba, you need to worry about ronaldo wanting to leave or putting him out on loan, or about calamity harry as your captain, or getting humiliated daily with the de jong travesty. if you`re a ronaldo fan resentful to his situation right now ,he made a bad choice with a trophyless season and tried to screw us over, and is stuck at united with the locker room ran by leakers who don`t want to win. i`m trying to understand the typical `saint` dybala fan`s motivation here and why the guessing game of what happened is still going on while he still has the respect of most juventus fans, as he didn`t belittle himself and go to merda… by the way, we are we talking about an ex – Juventus player that isn`t even mentioned in the article? looooooooooooool

      • Avatar
        Thomas July 25, 2022 at 9:23 am

        He was talking about Dabyla not Dybala 😀