With Nicolò Rovella finally receiving a proper chance at Juventus, the young man may have to dispel Manuel Locatelli in order to lock himself a starting berth.

On Saturday, Barcelona dropped out of the scheduled friendly against Juventus in Santa Clara, California. Therefore, the Bianconeri held a training session at Levi’s stadium under the watchful eyes of Italian journalists.

So according to ilBianconero, Juventus coach Max Allegri ran a match between the ranks, with Locatelli and Rovella orchestrating the play for each side.

The objective was to maintain possession and complete the biggest number of passes. The two compatriots had instrumental roles in this regard while serving as deep-lying playmakers for the opposing teams.

So as the source explains, this in another indication of a brewing duel between the two Italians who will compete for a starting berth in front of the defense.

Juve FC say

Having served at Allegri’s court for the past two years, Locatelli might have the early advantage. The former Sassuolo man is also older and more experienced than his teammate.

However, Rovella might be a more natural Regista thanks to an elegant touch and an effortless ability to advance the play.

But despite what the report may suggest, Allegri should be able to field the two men in the same formation. After all, Locatelli started his career as a box-to-box midfielder while Rovella also served as a Mezzala on some occasions in the past.