The president of Lega Serie A, Lorenzo Casini, believes it is too early to compare the Calciopoli scandal with Juventus’ current struggles.

The Bianconeri have been investigated for account falsification and shocking details about their dealings have been released to the public in the last few days.

Juve remains certain and clear that they have done nothing wrong, but the revelations being released after some of the club’s officials had their phones tapped are shocking.

The Bianconeri have maintained their innocence, but some fans fear things could get out of hand and their offence is probably as serious as the Calciopoli case of 2006.

But Casini says only time will tell. He said via Football Italia:

“Actually we would have to understand what happened first, when the investigations are closed and all the trials have taken place, if there will be any…

“At the moment it is very difficult to comment, this fear is not there but you have to take a good look at what is happening.”

Juve FC Says

As investigators are allowed to release evidence publicly, people will misjudge the situation, which is why some have compared it with Calciopoli.

There is still no proof that we did anything wrong and having revised our statement of account, we need to be relaxed about the issue.

If football returns, we will have less information about this to worry about and fans should not expect us to be relegated like it was during Calciopoli