Former striker Luca Toni believes losing 15 points could be a good thing for Juventus because their players will play under less pressure now because no one expects them to win the league.

As the biggest club in Serie A, fans always want Juve to compete for the league title and other trophies.

However, this year seems to be Napoli’s, as most other top sides struggle with consistency.

The Bianconeri came close to joining the Partenopei at the top of the league table at the start of this year, but their 15 points deduction has ruled them out of the running.

If the points were not deducted, Juve could have still struggled to win the league and everyone will expect them to challenge the Naples side.

Toni thinks it is probably for their own good that the Bianconeri has lost some points.

He said via Calciomercato:

“Of course, their situation is not a simple situation, also because the penalty came in the middle of the championship and not at the beginning. However, as in all things, there can always be a positive aspect. Juventus can now play more free of head and with less pressure. Due to the -15 no one will claim more that Juventus should fight for the championship and this may be a further push”.

Juve FC Says

It has been a very tough season for us and losing those points should not affect our performances negatively.

Instead, it should bring out the best in our men, knowing we need more wins to have a successful term.