A major point of contention in Italian football revolves around Juventus’ proposal to trade Dusan Vlahovic to Chelsea in exchange for Romelu Lukaku, along with a monetary sum.

Juventus believes that Lukaku, given his playing style, would be a more suitable fit for their team and potentially expedite their success.

Since his move to Juventus last year, Vlahovic has struggled to establish himself and doesn’t appear to align with Allegri’s tactical plans. Allegri is committed to working only with players whom he deems capable of contributing positively to the team’s performance, and Lukaku aligns with this vision.

Romelu Lukaku played a pivotal role in Inter Milan’s Serie A victory in 2021 and has enjoyed his time living and competing in Italy. This makes Juventus’ consideration of him a potentially wise move.

However, former player Luca Toni holds a differing opinion. He suggests that Juventus should retain the younger Vlahovic, emphasising his potential and the perspective he brings. T

He said via Tuttomercatoweb:

“I’m keeping the class of 2000. He’s younger and has a better perspective”.

Adding: “Not to mention that, after a season like the last one in which he had some physical he hasn’t made it for all his qualities, he will surely have a lot of anger in his body and a great desire to redeem himself. Reasons that make me think that he will play an excellent season”.

Juve FC Says

Vlahovic is much younger and has room for growth, but we do not have so much time to wait for that to happen.

Lukaku is a striker who can make an immediate impact, while we have to wait for DV9 to get better and reach his full potential.