Reminiscently to Federico Chiesa and Dusan Vlahovic, Luca Toni made a name for himself at Fiorentina before eventually making his way to Juventus – albeit indirectly.

But while the retired striker had only joined the Bianconeri at a relatively late stage of his playing career, Chiesa and Vlahovic made the switch while in their early 20s.

For the 2006 World Cup winner, the Serbian bomber needs all the support he can get from the Italian winger. He recalls his old partnership with Franck Ribery at Bayern Munich, which allowed him to score loads of goals.

However, Toni also believes that Angel Di Maria is an instrumental element for the current Juventus team, as he’s the one who raises the quality of play.

“Chiesa and Di Maria can become for Vlahovic what Ribery was for me at Bayern,” said the former Fiorentina, Roma and Genoa forward in an interview with la Gazzetta dello Sport via ilBianconero.

“Both Federico and Dusan must be given time to find the best condition and finding the chemistry they shared in Florence. In terms of characteristics, they have everything to become a perfect duo.

“If he’s in a good condition, I would always play Di Maria. The Argentine and Chiesa are different in terms of characteristics, but they share at least two important qualities: they can beat their marker and are both generous.

“For a bomber [like Vlahovic], it’s great to have such players around. I still remember how many goals my friend Ribery created for me.”

Some reports suggest that Allegri could unleash the trident on Tuesday against Salernitana.