Italy manager Luciano Spalletti has explained the roles Federico Chiesa can play as he prepares to unleash the attacker on opponents at Euro 2024.

Chiesa was Italy’s hero when they won the competition in 2020, and the Juventus star will be eager to help the Azzurri retain their crown in this edition.

Italy struggled after winning that competition and even failed to qualify for the last World Cup, so they are not among the top favourites this year.

However, with Chiesa on their team, they have one more explosive player who can make things happen for them.

Speaking about his decision to select the attacker and what role he can play, Spalletti said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

“Chiesa knows how to play from all sides, he’s the one who has the flash and the shock of the shot in the night, when you don’t know where it came from. He can also play on the right, he can stay inside even if he prefers to stay more outside. 

“However, As far as I’m concerned, Chiesa must be isolated, too much traffic shouldn’t be brought around him because it’s in the one-on-one spaces that he really has the bad quality with his flashes.”

Juve FC Says

Chiesa is clearly one of the best players on the Italy national team, and we expect him to prove his worth in the latest edition of the Euros.

Juve hopes to see him in better shape next term, and his form at the Euros might determine that.