The CEO of Serie A, Luigi De Siervo, has commented on Juventus’ 15-point sanction and admits he hopes it is reconsidered.

The Bianconeri are fighting against it, as it now means their team will finish outside the top four unless they can perform a miracle.

The Bianconeri were punished for their use of capital gains, but they are the only club involved in it and no one else has been punished yet.

Max Allegri’s side has vowed to appeal and get the deductions overturned and De Siervo hopes that happens.

He says via Tuttojuve:

“My disappointment is related to the fact that we wanted to intervene during the championship: this can be an element of alteration. For the rest, so far we are talking about hypotheses of crime and open proceedings: the hope is that this sanction for capital gains can be reconsidered because it is asymmetrical both at European and Italian level”.

Juve FC Says

The punishment is unfair to us and because other clubs haven’t been punished, it seems we are being targeted unfairly.

After working so hard to get our season back on track, it is unjust on our players for this deduction to stand and it could set a negative trend in Italian football.