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Luis Suarez examiner says he has had nothing to do with Juventus

December 11, 2020 - 6:17 pm

The fallout from the Luis Suarez controversial Italian citizenship test continues as the case is still being investigated.

The leadership of Juventus is under investigation because the Italian authorities believe that the striker had access to the questions before the September exam.

Fabio Paratici has remained adamant that the Bianconeri did nothing wrong and one of the striker’s examiners on the day has insisted that he hasn’t spoken with anyone from Juventus about the exams.

Lorenzo Rocca spoke to La Repubblica recently and he insisted that the exam was a spoken test and that if the striker had known about it beforehand, it would have been tough.

He said that he never knew about the Uruguay striker before the exam and all he did was to tell the Atletico Madrid man what he would tell any stranger about the exam when they come to his office to ask for information.

“The exam was spoken, with understanding and listening tests. He knew how to answer,” Rocca said as quoted by Football Italia.

“If one knows the questions in advance, is it not difficult?”

“I didn’t have any kind of relationship with Suarez,” Rocca insisted.

“If a complete stranger comes to my office and wants to know how the Italian exam works, I explain everything and give him the material to prepare, as we did with Suarez. It’s a PDF file downloaded from the website.

“I didn’t only ask the questions from that PDF and it wasn’t just me who asked the questions, other examiners did it too.

“I was not pressured by Juventus to promote him and I have never spoken with anyone from the club, neither with Paratici nor with others.

“There’s a wiretap where [University of Perugia’s CEO Simone] Olivieri tells me about possible future collaborations with Juventus and I don’t even answer him.”

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