Romelu Lukaku is determined to honour his commitment to join Juventus during this transfer window, as agreed upon earlier in the summer.

However, Lukaku’s decision has not been well-received by the Juventus fanbase. Protests against the move have emerged among the fans, who express a preference for Dusan Vlahovic to remain with the team. The strained relationship between Lukaku and the Juventus supporters, stemming from past disagreements, has contributed to this sentiment.

This discontent was notably evident during a recent intra-club game, where fans protested Lukaku’s potential arrival. Despite this backlash, a report from Il Bianconero suggests that Lukaku remains unfazed by the fan reaction. He continues to maintain his focus on his fitness, working with a personal trainer, while awaiting further developments from Juventus.

Despite the fan unrest, Lukaku appears steadfast in his determination to complete the move to Juventus, suggesting that he remains committed to the agreed-upon transfer despite the challenges posed by fan sentiment.

Juve FC Says

Lukaku’s transfer has taken too long and we need to act fast to add the striker to our squad.

He has shown that he is eager to come to Turin and will want to win the fans over in his first few games if this transfer happens.