English champions Manchester City are now under serious investigation after being charged by the Premier League with breaking over 100 rules between seasons 2009-2018, as reported by the BBC.

The consequences of this could be massive including expulsion, owners disqualified and even possible criminal charges, this is, without doubt, the biggest scandal the Premier League has ever faced.

Man City beat UEFA when they tried to bring them to account but they managed to get off on a technicality due to some of the allegations being time-barred, this does not apply this time because nothing is time-barred and City cannot appeal to CAS.

So, City is in some serious trouble and this has of course brought comparisons with Juventus, who have just had 15 points deducted for financial irregularities and were relegated back in 2005 after the Calipoli scandal.

The truth is that there is very little comparison, if City is found guilty of even 25% of the allegations it would still be far far worse than what Juve did or is alleged to have done, what City have done is consistently over more than a decade, cheat.

Juve never “cheated” to that extent, yes they did some things wrong and were duly punished but their offences were on a much smaller scale and moments in time, not committed over a period of a decade or more.