Manchester City have dismissed reports linking coach Pep Guardiola to Juventus, calling them ‘codswallop’.

The Spanish coach has been closely linked to the Bianconeri in recent weeks, however City board member Alberto Galassi has denied all links.

“As a City board member, I was surprised to read such codswallop,” Galassi told Sky Sport Italia.

“He’s our Coach and, he wants to stay with us. He can’t understand how his word is not being heard. It’s all a falsehood.

“The first thing a serious club does in these cases is to contact the other club. It’s unthinkable that City are unaware of his supposed presentation in just a few days.

“The story is totally without foundation. We don’t understand why a club should intervene for the umpteenth time to say Guardiola doesn’t want to leave Manchester City. This question doesn’t exist.

“I have to compliment Sky and Di Marzio because they have not given a voice to this thing. The coach’s will is to stay, Pep is an exceptional professional. He cannot understand why his words are not heard.

“I spoke to [Juventus Vice-President] Pavel Nedved. We’ve known each other for a long time, we had a laugh. Juventus are a club that don’t need to be defended and we both realised that the issue had become ridiculous.

“I’m sorry for the Juventus fans, but they’ll have to find another Coach.”