Mario Mandzukic enjoys his new role on the wing and insists that Max Allegri is one of the best coaches in Europe.

The Croatian striker has been moved into a wider position since last season and believes he can be equally effective.

“I like this role, even in this way I can get in goalscoring positions,” Mandzukic told Sky.

“My main task is to be attentive in the defensive phase, but at the same time it’s important to make my contribution in attack.

“I like to take on this responsibility and I’m proud of the fact someone entrusts them to me, this allows me to improve and help the team.

“I might not talk much, but I’ve said this and I’ll reiterate it: Allegri is one of the best in Europe, he shows that with his work.

“The results are clearly on his side and I’m happy to work with him, because he’s someone who can listen.

“We’ll try to win everything this season, even if we know it’ll be difficult to get to the end. That’s what we play for though.

“Sassuolo? Nothing serious happened, I just turned my ankle. Once I’d warmed up a bit it didn’t bother me too much, and everything is fine now.

“Napoli? I really like the style of play and the organisation of Sarri’s team.

“They play well in attack, they score a lot of goals and they’ve been able to draw on the advantage of not having changed much over these years, cementing the group.

“Tottenham Hotspur? First of all we’ll think about the trip to Florence, if we play well I’m sure we’ll be ready to face Spurs.

“The banner? It’s difficult to describe the emotion I felt at that moment. I didn’t expect it, and I was surprised by the size of that coreografia.

“I want to thank everyone, and the best way to do that is to keep working hard and giving satisfaction to the Juventus fans.

“At the beginning of each season I always set two goals: first of all the absence of injuries, not only for me but also for my team mates, and then to get as many successes as possible with Juventus.”