Giovanni Manna and Cristiano Giuntoli have been diligently working for Juventus and a report from Tuttojuve reveals that their efforts have resulted in a substantial financial gain of over 50 million euros for the club.

Given Juventus’ recent financial challenges, these executives have been entrusted with the responsibility of raising funds for the club. This initiative aims to create financial resources that can be allocated toward player acquisitions, a task that has proven to be demanding throughout this summer.

The landscape has been challenging due to the limited desirability of several Juventus players, which has hindered their ability to find potential buyers. Nevertheless, the club remains optimistic about their prospects, especially following their accomplishment of securing 51.5 million euros through the sale of certain players.

Although Juventus has already made significant financial gains, they continue to have several players on their transfer list. The club is hopeful that other clubs will express interest in adding these players to their squads, further augmenting Juventus’ financial capabilities.

Juve FC Says

We have done well in terms of offloading some unwanted players in the last few days and we hope this continues.

Several of these players simply have nothing to offer to us and are blocking the way for players who will make an impact on the team to join.

As we make these sales, we need to start working on players who will do well in our squad, so we can complete transfers in the final few days of the window.