Napoli owner Aurelio de Laurentiis recently took a jab at Juventus, claiming that to defend the Serie A title, one must cheat. The relationship between Napoli and Juventus has been strained, and De Laurentiis harbours a strong dislike for the Bianconeri, expressing a reluctance to engage in any business dealings with them.

Napoli impressively secured the Italian league title last season, ending a prolonged period without a title. Fans had high expectations for them to defend their crown in the current campaign. However, Napoli has faced challenges and is struggling this season, with even a top-four finish appearing uncertain.

De Laurentiis remarked on the difficulty of defending the title, suggesting that cheating might be the only way to achieve it. However, journalist Marcello Chirico has responded to these comments, suggesting that Napoli’s aim might be more about wanting to see Juventus face difficulties rather than a genuine commentary on the methods required to win.

He said, as quoted by Il Bianconero:

“Naples, on the part of the club and fans, cares little about having made a memorable impression against Inter, almost having the Scudetto stripped from them 6 months early, among other things in their own home: they are only interested in just that the tricolor doesn’t go to win the despised Juventus. 

“Their obsession, or – at this point – a real nightmare. Even when everything goes wrong for them, for reasons outside of Juve, they manage to pull it in anyway: they would even prefer to lose a match 3-0, if this prevents Juve from being at the top of the table. Which is like the joke about the guy who wants to spite his wife and emasculates himself.”

Juve FC Says

Napoli can never be as successful as we have been and this breeds hatred in them.

However, that will not stop us from being the biggest club in Italy.