Claudio Marchisio’s father and agent says his son “wanted to end his career at Juventus” and turned down a move to Milan as a result.

The ex-Bianconeri midfielder moved to Zenit St Petersburg this summer after agreeing a mutual contract termination with Juventus.

“I have no regrets,” Stefano Marchisio told Tuttosport, “Three years ago Claudio could have gone elsewhere and earned far more, in 2017 he said no to Milan, who offered to double his salary, because he wanted to end his career at Juventus, the team he loves.

“Things change in football and I understand Juventus’ desire to regenerate the team. There’s a bit of nostalgia for Claudio and it’d be strange if there wasn’t, if he was still at Juventus he’d probably be the happiest man on earth.

“We’ve turned the page though and Claudio is very happy with his new life. Zenit are ambitious, they have a very modern stadium and they’re top of the league.

“We’ll keep our fingers crossed, maybe he can win his eighth league title in a row in Russia.

“I’d never been to St Petersburg before, and I’ve discovered a little jewel of a city.

“It’s a bit like Venice and a bit like Paris, only colder. It’s very clean, tidy and modern: beautiful. But overall I’m happy because I can see Claudio is happy with his new adventure.

“The Zenit fans have welcomed him brilliantly, the other day we went to St Petersburg zoo with my grandchildren and several lads recognised Claudio and asked for autographs.

“Affection is crucial for my son, he’s always considered the fans to be the most beautiful part of football.”