Claudio Marchisio says he has no regrets about not playing alongside Cristiano Ronaldo because he got to play with his Juventus idol.

The former Bianconeri midfielder was speaking with Sportweek and discussed his time in black and white, including being part of a midfield that included Andrea Pirlo, Paul Pogba and Arturo Vidal.

“We were all four of us different, we completed each other,” Marchisio said of his time in Juve’s record-breaking midfield setup.

“Each cycle has an area that stands out, but we also had great defence and excellent attack. The current midfield scores less because there are fewer insertions and the focus is more on the attackers.”

I Principino was asked if there was a coach he wished he had been coach by during his playing career.

“Right now my favorite is Jurgen Klopp – in fact I was hoping that he would get to Juve, but for mentality and type of game, I’d say Pep Guardiola from his time at Barcelona.”

Cristiano Ronaldo joined the Bianconeri the summer that Marchisio left the club, but does he have any regrets at not playing alongside him?

“No. My childhood dream was to play with Alessandro Del Piero whose poster I had in my room, and I achieved that.”